Sunday, November 3, 2013

Me and You

Let's play a game. 
You are me 
And I am you. 
Whatever you do to me
Or me to you,
You or I - 
We do to me or you.
Now tell me honestly,
What do you think of me?
Only remember,
You are thinking of you.
Now shall we go back -
To reality -
Me and you?
Well, not really needed.
It was never a game,
It's real, too real -
This life of ours.
Do unto others,
And you do unto you.
It always comes back -
Rather, never went out.
You create your world
Within you.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Ode to a dozing cat

dry, rustling leaves beneath,
gently tickling his underside;
soft breeze flowing through
budding leaves in the bower;
the odd curious ant up his fur
smelling feline sweat to leave;
drying rose hibiscus wafting
a mild perfume in the afternoon;
ah! this is the life!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Love while you can

Love all
Love everyone
Love everything that you see

Love right now
Love right here
Love everyone you meet

Love while you can
Love while you are
Love all of them and me

-in memory of Paul Inder Lawrence and dedicated to his good soul.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

srinispeak - poetry: bogus parties

srinispeak - poetry: bogus parties

bogus parties

bogus parties
blogging sorties
banging away
at virtual keyboards
on i-pads
about i, i, i

virgin thoughts
that get killed
as they are born
with all that they see
i, i, i

go on, old world
breathe in
breathe out
in never-ending sighs
i, i, i

Saturday, January 22, 2011


generations -
across divides
that struggle

to touch
each other
with wavering

like the hand held up
in a last attempt
though claiming quicksand
of time

trying to clasp
the the mind that
flies away
on the next flight

to neverland
for the next paycheck
for meeting bills
of milk and bread

maybe the mind
will meet the hand
one day
when all is still

and asleep

A new day

The arc
Wafted up
Up thru the haze
of morning black
Up in a blaze
of virgin glory
Up and up
pushing all away
To show
new skin
On a brand new day
To wake you up
Come what may


Thursday, November 11, 2010

CC no more! (originally posted Jan 17, 2009)


CC no more!

60 years!

I don't remember, maybe Sridhar has taken me to one of their stores once. Now circuit city is short circuited. When you click on any web address/page/link, it promptly goes to the 'closed' html!

It brings home the extreme risk one can face in investments. A stock which was about $60 a few years ago, is now 4 cents a piece! And close to 35000 jobs gone.

I don't know what exactly afflicted CC, but it can happen to a lot of the industries where there is no 'requirement' to survive, when death beckons!

In our lifetime, we have seen the fall of the Berlin Wall and the break-up of the USSR, which was not only important in terms of economics, but also meant paradigm shift in terms of ideology. A CC here and a Satyam there is no big deal.

A financial storm has struck and it has already taken several entities. Many more, particularly the weaker ones, should follow.

Imagine the consequences of a fallout due to global warming.

CC and Satyam will long be forgotten by then!






it is more difficult for me to write in prose, than in poetry.
here, i'll try to put a whole lot of my observations in perspective.
hope you will enjoy reading this.


Saturday, July 31, 2010


Friendship is like a seed
Flying in the air
On invisible wings
And unknown -
Sits down on you.
Sends its gentle roots
Down through your skin
Right into your heart
And simply settles down -
So comfortably
Always at ease.
You don't realise
Someone is a friend
Until it is too late -
And then you are tied
For a lifetime
My friend.

Facebook Me 2

The world is always
at your feet
Look down and see -

You only need to see
and believe
And let it happen, let it be -

Monday, July 19, 2010

Notations, Quotations, Salutations

All notations
All quotations
All salutations
All shall float around
in the net
in the web
in dark recesses
of personal computers
and devices
Till that day
That fateful day
The Sun shall wipe out
All data
All intelligent matter
In a giant magnetic swipe
Of a debit card

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Facebook Me

Well, I like to believe I can do Anything!
Gravity often brings me down to Earth,
But it can't make me stop
Thinking I can!
If not today,
Most definitely
Tomorrow -
A new dawn
For Me
And You

Gajanthody Srinivasa

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Stopping by the beds

The beds are lovely
Soft to sleep
But I have promises
To keep

And mails to go
Before I sleep
Mails to go
Before I sleep

Sunday, February 1, 2009

discrete entities

discrete entities
sleeping on beds
feeling their skins
over flesh and bones

come alive
some dead
the x and y axes
grind away

as the brain thinks
and inks
for glory
in vain-
for glory
from those that
also feel their skins
define them

discrete entities
with creeping thoughts
of money
life and death

thinking till
life stops
but breath flows
in sleep

thinking in vain
till one day
life stops
not to wake again

those billion cells
have rebelled
and decided
to call it a day

no more to think
but recharge
the earth


Thursday, January 22, 2009

Mean men

The head, it thinks
and boils
The heart, it feels
and cries
What a shame
In religion's name
Tender buds
Trod on and bled
Less done
More said
The agony
Of cruelty
The pillage
Of innocents
When will
it all end?

(On the acid-throwing on little girls in Afghanistan, by the Taliban)

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

the easiest thing in the world

as i type
pen not in hand
the mind's eye roves
here and there
trying to find a sane subject
to write about
then i realised
the easiest thing in the world
is to write
on nothing in particular
and as i put you through this
at least you think
what a sucker you have been
trying to find something easy
and ending up reading
this rambling combi of a billion cells
just thinking in random

gajanthody srinivasa

Sunday, March 2, 2008

beauty, by default

the curling brackets of a welcome
the snigger in the air as you
look to the left
the matchless rows of marble white
like silent tombstones
of long-gone soldiers
sleeping together
for ever and ever
the reddenned earlobes
as you shy at my sight
the fresh as daisy eyes
the untamed twins
of untold beauty
that redefine what
perfect geometry is all about

gajanthody srinivasa
poetry, prose, more

Monday, February 25, 2008

mona lisa 5 : the day after tomorrow : the end

as all things good
will end one day
sooner or later
like the gene trick
was decoded
her smile
will be understood
and broken into
computer code
and program.
no longer will it amaze
no queues shall grace
musee du louvre
will sell jigsaws
for nerds.
and that,
dear friends
will spell the end
of the race
the spell will be broken
and she will no more
be taken
that will be the beginning
of the end

gajanthody srinivasa
poetry, prose, more

mona lisa 4 : tomorrow

mona lisa.
the smile that launched
a thousand stares
the smile that bares
the soul that cares
to touch the heart
and ask and dares
to fall and stumble
and be so humble
to admit defeat
in unfair war

gajanthody srinivasa
poetry, prose, more

mona lisa 3 : today

yesterday the eyes
spoke volumes
and i like a bug
got crushed
in between
today she smiles
to confuse and
confound me
to a surrender
oh, i a mere mortal
can i ever decipher
the crease on that
lower lip
was it bit
in waiting
or welcome
or did it just curl up
as the upper one
released its pressure
as it parted
if ever so slightly
in the beginning of
that smile
i'll never know

gajanthody srinivasa
poetry, prose, more

mona lisa 2 : yesterday

it was just yesterday
we met
or rather
just our eyes
they had a great discussion
she spoke volumes
as i struggled
to get in a word or two
no wonder
she smiles
at my severe limitations

gajanthody srinivasa
poetry, prose, more

censured truth, censored lie

don't be rude
don't be so bad
how can you say that?
are you mad?
it may be the truth
but you can't be direct
how will he take it?
you better fake it.
the teacher knows nothing
the student can't say
the boss is an idiot
you can only pray
the wife or the husband
can tread but softly
on each other's toes
lest be bitten badly
i can't tell more
i don't want to be sore
my teacher and mother
and dear old fathers -
both the one in heaven
and the one who went there
will not let me
utter the bitter
instead i say
biting my tongue
look, i never meant it
it never crossed my mind
did i say it
i'm so sorry
i'm actually kind
forgive me will you
i know you won't forget
but let me be just now
just let me be

gajanthody srinivasa
poetry, prose, more

orakku bandhare oragu (kannada)

oragu magale
oragu magale
haadide andhu
orakku bandhare
oragu magale
udhiyappaga odhu
helide indhu

gajanthody srinivasa
poetry, prose, more

translation :
sleep, my daughter
sleep, my daughter
i sang that day
sleep if you are sleepy, daughter
study in the morning
i told today

PS : she is studying for her exams and
says she needs tea to keep awake!

gandhi great man

martin to obama
indira to rahul
all want a piece
of gandhi the great
man on the street
truth -
he lived by it
he died due to it
many more will swear
by him and perhaps
may speak the truth
like him
but how many dare
live it?

gajanthody srinivasa
poetry, prose, more

mona lisa 1

she smiles
just wondering
what will i think
when i know
that there is no
nor today
yesterday is anyway
gone so long ago
to really matter.

gajanthody srinivasa
poetry, prose, more

two wheeler jeans

two wheeler jeans
enveloping the sides
scooter speeding
through rain-drenched streets
jasmine braided
twins frolic
at traffic signal
sudden stops
tiny rivulets running
down shapely back
into low-hip gap
sixty degrees
spread out
in motion
defining, distracting
city travel
just in front
don't frown down
don't gape
just let be
it's just another bird
going about its business day
of searching for
that elusive worm
let be

gajanthody srinivasa
poetry, prose, more

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

flying home to sleep

like sprinkled gold
the city spread
beneath the flying jazz

home returns
the weary man
once more
to hit the bed

home is far
but friends are near
so long as
you can scratch

as you drag
your luggage through
the hall
to cries of joy

this the end
of another start
till another day
we part

another flight
to another land
to warm the bones
now glad

gajanthody srinivasa
jan 09, 2008
flying over USA
amended and expanded feb 08, 2008, atlanta

God gave in

God gave up
some time back
He said
its just not on!
blow hot
blow cold
whatever I do
this Man
just goes
on and on!
God decided
to change the music
in mid-air
He changed the route
His divination
He called the tune
God said
hey brute!
nuff is nuff
you can't stuff
no more
God said
look out!
here I come!
its not
Garden of Eden
oh devil
its hades
the heat's on
its really bad!
just now i woke up
and saw Him smile
He saw i was genuine
i switched off lights
and all the fights
i ate uncooked
and had less
God was happy
that's the way
He said
He turned around to go
and just before
bent down,
kissed my head
to bless!

gajanthody srinivasa
poetry, prose, more
9th Jan, 2008,
sometime between 1650 and 1930 hrs
somewhere above canada / usa
written on the 'gag bag',
quite appropriately!

Monday, January 14, 2008

justified right

carefully crafted crap
posted on
mind's mad mailbox
all deleted
from the
junkbox jukebox
of a brain
where you pay
to hear
jilted melodies
in rain
gone in one delete
called death
justified right
full stop

gajanthody srinivasa
poetry, prose, more
10th jan 08, 0616-0620, atlanta

delete button

i sit down today
for a task too bad
but do it must
though it's sad

long time no see
no hear
none said

i know not
who's alive
who's dead

some have
rolled over
no play
just dead

one day here
lying in bed
the next day gone
like flowers - dead

time now
for me
to consolidate

too much
to do
in the time that's left

just rolling down
the rolladex
racing the fingers on
the scrollbar

no reply
no bounce
but should i do it?
i really dread

i sweat and fear
i might delete
who's still not dead

someone who's been
a friend since long
in body spirit
in mind along

as i select
and control string
i find i cannot
myself bring

to hit the button
and delete forever
my dear friends' names
not now, never

gajanthody srinivasa
poetry, prose, more

Monday, December 17, 2007

new world

new world
new air
new nature
new water

the earth has slept
and woken now
everything is new
everything's wow!

tigers lions
dolphins whales
all have come back
all over the place

new world is here
man is dead
he is said to be extinct
bombed in bed

gajanthody srinivasa
poetry, prose, more

last supper

the night is here
that night of dread
the night the living
become the dead

i know it since
the last two years
the government notice
said it all

this night my dear
is the last one when
i dine with you
the last supper

the last time i see
your loving eyes
your loving face
your parting sighs

sweet nothings
go my way
all buried as fuel
for another day

feelings killed
by all men as
there are more of us
and less to have

one solace, however
is that you join me
very soon
in another year
another moon
i'll wait for you
year twenty two
twenty two

gajanthody srinivasa
poetry, prose, more

did i tell you

did i tell you
to follow me
i just saw you
looking at me
and closed my eyes
and opened them
and there you were
just beside me
did i tell you
to speak to me
i just nodded
when you
called out to me
did i tell you
to hold my hand
i just let you
touch it once
and like a magnet
you clasped it then
did i tell you
to take me home
i just followed
as you walked me there
did i tell you
to forget me
i just disappeared
today forever
did i tell you
to just go mad
i just wanted
you so bad
just before
i left the land

gajanthody srinivasa
poetry, prose, more

the room world

always ambitious
why are you so
my beautiful being?
it makes you stressed
and me, distressed
to not have you
with me
i want you
with me
and me alone
so plug out
of this milieu
that calls itself
your world
and enter
my room
my world
my darling

gajanthody srinivasa
poetry, prose, more

oh, no!

oh, no!
its happened again
i thought
i should not
fall for her again
just a month back
she appeared
before me
enticed, trapped
and emptied
my wallet
now again
just before
my exams
there she is
again at it
she beckons
again to me
to join her
in the
song and dance
oh, no!
here goes my money
for the next show
of the matinee

gajanthody srinivasa
poetry, prose, more

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

the face

one shivering dark
rainy night
wet and sorry
lonely, bored

i was lying alone
on the dirty road

a door opened
just like magic
leaning over
she pulled me in

made me warm
in and out

now i search
for that angel face
which i want to see
one more, one night

will you join
and help me find?

if it's rainy today
she may save you tonight
don't worry
if she's not there tomorrow

i am there
to join you in sorrow

gajanthody srinivasa
poetry, prose, more

an ode to the unborn female infanticidees

the body machine
switches on
everything but love
that fickle feeling
fleeting flower
bad yesterday and
boring spud tomorrow
not even an excuse
for love, that shove
as morning comes
one more harvest
is ready
for delivery
coins counted
before the blade
birth is but a process
no history written
if mowed down
at birth
she is not there
to cry
a silent wail
never to die

gajanthody srinivasa
poetry, prose, more

night 1

banshee towers
boulevard flowers
gargantuan nightmares
slumbering powers

gajanthody srinivasa
poetry, prose, more

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

rolling pearls

one by one
as he touched,
all of me
came alive
lost in him
we two in one
lost the sense
of time
of place
of life

the pearls
that shone
from depths
now mounted
on a string
they danced with joy
at being
witness to drama -
they too
rolled that night

he kissed me dead
and crushed
the poor bed
as we fed
the fire within
no light
our touch
our taste
our senses

one by one
the pearls
they rolled
in random tandem
as they could not
restrain the string

as we raced the night

gajanthody srinivasa
poetry, prose, more

love bath

still waters freeze
in momentary ecstacy
before falling
into the earth and oblivion
soap bubbles glide into
tender spots
in gentle bliss
as they cascade down
smooth heavens
gentle breezes caress
those spots unseen
join to flame
my loins to union
ah, bath!
you lucky bastard!
your daily abandon
beats being the ocean
though vast
though you go down
the drain

gajanthody srinivasa
poetry, prose, more

Friday, December 7, 2007


water sprinkled
on dry ground
wet now

i mutter verses
of long ago
i got for free
downloaded from
no record
no copyright
i pray for rains
for the lowly
for might

ants come out
smelling wet earth
bees hum by
in search of flowers
gentle as they probe
to yield sweet honey

here come the rains
real and in a hurry
bees and ants
leaving me alone
to open my umbrella
and head home
job done

rain's come

gajanthody srinivasa
poetry, prose, more

promised land

did i tell you
i am leaving today
for that promised land
from this quicksand

did i tell you
you can also come
if you want
but not if you don't

did i tell you
leave everything
as it is
it will never get done

did i tell you
its not far away
just across the street
but another world

did i tell you
its all in the mind
we can just go back
to where we were

but as newborn
all systems go
upgraded forever

poetry, prose, more
gajanthody srinivasa


goodbye forever
the game is all over

the last stand
the drums have rolled
bells tolled

a thousand upheavals
through veins now tired

all but abrupt
the end is done

the curtain is up
the show over
lights off

let go
let's go

gajanthody srinivasa
poetry, prose, more

rose and the girl

buds grow roses
stalk stem poses
flowering all the way
held in their sway
for all eternity
just this one day

hips hold the pose
she bends to smell the rose
she breathes in the beauty
breasts swell in all glory
happy for this moment
to hold for all time

the rose lived a lifetime
just in this breath
exchange of fragrance
born in innocence
as the sun crawls across
witness to the crime

gajanthody srinivasa
poetry, prose, more

anticipation, full stop

of participation
draws perspiration

breath draws faster
as thoughts bubble forth
in tandem

plans go awry
as looks draw first blood

cells fuse and mesh
on seeing you so fresh
the last post

this is the destination
of all travels till now
full stop

gajanthody srinivasa
poetry, prose, more

Thursday, December 6, 2007

maiden and the apple

rushing by the countryside
i stopped by the river
stooped to drink
and sat by the bank
to eat my sandwich

she came and smiled
i gave a piece
she smiled some more
i gave another

and yet another
till it was all over
she sat by my side
and smiled that smile

i felt a pang
my heart just sang
silence reigned
i swooped her
in my hands

kisses showered
with unspoken love
i know not when
and how we joined

but it was so difficult
to leave her
when i did
as all of a sudden

i could not see her
in that garden of eden
no apple
no maiden

i had to leave
as the sun had slid
away for the day
his job done

i had to go
i had no say
i left the place
was on my way

i thought
she might follow
but no sign
of her

only her smile
framed in my mind
forever followed
wherever i went

gajanthody srinivasa
poetry, prose, more

scan copy print

i scanned the file/s
and copied till i died
of boredom
printed one side
and flipped it over
for the next
discovered quite late
in the day
that all i did
was of the wrong file
of the story
don't drink
and drive
the computer
or its peripherals

gajanthody srinivasa
poetry, prose, more

grandma stories

my grandma
she told me
you look out
for the bad man
he comes
smiling at you
and takes you away
in a sack
he promises
a lot
but gives only candy
that too
laced with stupor
don't get attracted by such
she said
lucky for the corporates
who do this every day
she is not around now
to expose them
on placement day!

gajanthody srinivasa
poetry, prose, more

Sunday, December 2, 2007

fluttering roses

srinispeak - poetry: fluttering roses


he drank some
down the parched throat
it went down
so well
spreading life
as it ran
in hot tunnels
of human pipe
boilers, cylinders
pipes again

now he steps out
for the next few miles
till he finds
some more
where once
used to be floods
now but a trickle

of treeless space
once mined and built
now bled, deserted
and fled

gone with the hot wind
raindrops and monsoon

here and there
pools of once ran water
waiting for last sips
from still top
layers of hot, humid
free water

in the distance
one hears
the flap of wings
they wait

the vulture
is a patient bird

gajanthody srinivasa
poetry, prose, more


i live
i die
i lie
i fly

all in my thoughts
here and forever

signs of my love
flickers of hope

all just in thought
my imagination

gajanthody srinivasa
poetry, prose, more

Friday, November 23, 2007

the truth

truth hurts
more than sin
steeped in lies

sin brings money
sweeter than honey
honey money can buy

but truth hurts
now and forever
no one knows or sees

no one feels
no one dies
but unsaid truths

unasked, diecast lies
ache inside
no cure, silent

but alive

gajanthody srinivasa
poetry, prose, more

floating debris of cd media

ancient kings wrote on rock and stone
long after cavemen drew on walls with bone
but now with all my changing software
i write on cd media

i write on cd media
i write on cd media (4)
i write and read
i know no need
but i write on cd media

i know for sure
one fine day
when bugs and vermin
have had their say

all my cd media
all my hard drive
own or hosted
will go into oblivion

if they do survive
the various versions
virus and mutations

one fine day - or night
if you like
a spectacular ray or light
so bright
will strike from heaven
in energy
and erase

oh, all my cd media
and yours too, my friend
write, read while you can

gajanthody srinivasa
poetry, prose, more

Friday, November 9, 2007

the blogger and the beggar

the beggar
surfs the city
for coins
gets hits
now and then

the blogger
want surfers
hit him
now and then

every day
the net is cast
far and wide
both gasp
and live

for another day

gajanthody srinivasa
poetry, prose, more

blank paper

i sit before myself
blank paper
before me

i want to fill it
with thoughts
on life

i think and think
with pen and ink
and paper and me

thoughts come and go
but nothing to show
on paper, still blank

life goes on
heart ticks
i sweat

as i know by now
i have nothing
to say

gajanthody srinivasa
poetry, prose, more

strands of pain

hair pulled
as comb dives
in and out
cries of pain
cause traffic jams
as order is restored
in unruly hair
underneath the skull
is not so lucky
no comb, no hair

gajanthody srinivasa
poetry, prose, more

lost love

the moment
was there
a comma,
when i saw
a certain interest
in your eyes
as they met mine -
before they
flitted away
to the next line
of the book
you were reading
full stop
i lost you

gajanthody srinivasa
poetry, prose, more

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

My Country bleeds

As my country bleeds
Terror seeds
Blow in the winds of hate
Brother, sister, friend or foe
No one is safe anymore
As cars crash and buildings smash
The unseen enemy smiles
Cries of anguish
Rent the air
With Hope gone astray
I pray for a Man
to bring true light
and really show the way
And bring about a world in which
the good have right of way

gajanthody srinivasa
poetry, prose, more

Note : First published, circa 2001, in

Pain, Pain, Pain

It does not know when
To strike at my heart and mine
Why Why Why
Why does it come
when I don't know
What to do with it
Don't Don't Don't
Come to me and mine
Don't come in and make me cry
Don't come and take away
What is mine and mine alone
Don't take away my love
Don't enter my home
Don't enter my love
Don't enter, leave right now
Pain Pain Pain
If you can, do me a favor
Make me happy again
Forever Forever Forever
Leave me and my love alone

gajanthody srinivasa
poetry, prose, more

Note : First published, circa 2000-01, in

Death of the twins

My heart cries out in shame -

New York! New York!

What's in a name?

The twins that stood like an


The twins that amazed

many a man and woman

and brought out the child in all -

The twins that were proud, precious

Placed carefully next to each other

Like two brothers standing for a family photo

They have been erased from the sky

Oh my! Oh my!

Oh why? Oh why?

New York's pride!

Now brushed aside -

My heart cries out in shame -

New York! New York!

I'm awake for all your souls who died -

New York! New York!

I weep for all your souls who cried

And waited as the towers fell

Its a shame, Its a shame

Oh, what's in a name?

New York! New York!

gajanthody srinivasa

poetry, prose, more

Note : This was penned at Pune, on the night of Sep 11, 2001 and published immediately on

fluttering roses

fluttering roses
swaying in the wild
make me remember
of my love -
young and mild
where is she now
oh where is her love
gone with the wind - of youth
oh, gone with the night
i wonder if she remembers
as i remember now
those rosy cheeks
and rosy lips
that melted in my mouth
those rosy peaks
of breastbuds
that swelled at my touch
i wonder and wonder
as i smell and surrender
to the fluttering roses

gajanthody srinivasa
poetry, prose, more

Note : This was first published, circa 2000, in

Die In The Middle Of The Night

don't die in the daytime
its just too bright
to lose the light

don't die in the evening hour -
the cool breeze can't caress
your carefree sighs, oh lover!

don't die in the young night -
my last kiss can't be the kiss of death!

don't die in the late night -
as the whole world sleeps
i can't alone, weep and weep

the middle of the night
as i sleep tight
is just right

a loss never known
is no loss at all

gajanthody srinivasa
poetry, prose, more

Note : This poem was written around 2000-2001, first published in in

from dust to bust

he went deep
into the mine
to come up
with gold
specks of yellow
dust waiting
since long
to come out
get melted
beaten and drawn
into shining metal
for beautiful bodies
for her
and her friends

he goes again
to get more
of the yellow metal
as lust for dust
is more now

his son
now grown up
has a better job
he goes deeper
she got her gold
her daughter
wants diamonds

gajanthody srinivasa
poetry, prose, more

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

tea time

its tea time
dear love
let's sit down
near the tree
and sip gently
till the last drop
flows down
the throat
and conversation closes
as birds above
return home
to their nests
and we go home
leaving the garden
to rest
yet another night

will it rain tonight?

gajanthody srinivasa
poetry, prose, more

i day

i day
but not so sweet
as that day
when though a holiday
we trooped
in disarray
to school
and saluted
the flags
friends and teachers

the carefully pinned
on starched white shirts
worn on
beany bodies
sweating beneath
with pride
on singing
the anthem

clutching sweets
for the child
at home
yet to join
school, too young

running back
with the sheer joy
of getting
colourful candies
after hearing
the chief guest speak
for a holy half hour
sipping water
from a tumbler
on stage
while we stood
in rows
neatly below
on white lime powder
which marks
for runners
on sports day

no homework
no school
its happy
independence day

memories of
another day
when my nation
was great
and its leaders
believed innocent
and me, just happy
because its
happy independence day

gajanthody srinivasa
poetry, prose, more

last stand, lying down

as life unwinds
blood ebbs in heart
stark memories
play fast backward
opportunities lost
pop up again
one more last time
bed shakes
not from
knowledge of yesterday
but from unknown tomorrow
as night descends
day recedes
all cloudy
brain slips
into oblivion
not late, not soon

gajanthody srinivasa
poetry, prose, more

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

on my mind

we never met
till yesterday
but what a feeling
i have today

your thoughts
haunt me
day and night
your face
keeps coming
in my mind

is this love
is this just greed
i know for sure
many would
have this need

so i am not telling anyone
my thoughts for you
they stabilize

is there a chance
in a hundred million
that they ever would
i don't know

but sure, i know
like wow
you are there
on my mind

gajanthody srinivasa
poetry, prose, more

flowers for the living

flowers for the living
the little girl sells
clumped in her hands
at traffic signals red

no longer good
for the dead
they've served them well
the sorrow of the shroud

fresh still, now loose
the flowers smile
their last lap
before they too, go dead

the car stops
the young lover pays
the little girl smiles
and moves on with the coins

the little girl runs
with the coins in one hand
the other holds tattered skirt
flying in the rain

the roadside joint platter
unclean but hot
fills the little girl's
growling pot

half filled tank
the little girl sleeps
the sleep of the dead
so tired she is

the flowers for the living
borrowed from the dead
smile on the lovers
as they spread on the bed

tomorrow will come
yet another day
one more will die
one more will pay
the little girl will live
one more day

gajanthody srinivasa
poetry, prose, more

Monday, October 29, 2007

the door

soft skin
on touch
as the door opens

you ask
do you want
or tea?
i nod at once
you understand

unsaid words
say lots
unheard but

eyes speak
now only
you and me
as the door closes
on the rest of the world

gajanthody srinivasa
poetry, prose, more

soft skin blushing

soft skin
on touch
as cells
on chain

gajanthody srinivasa
poetry, prose, more

i see the eyes

soft brow
knit thoughtfully
the eyes
in purses
that close
and move
on scrutiny

i see the eyes
that see me
in mine
and see you
in them

that's destiny

gajanthody srinivasa
poetry, prose, more

road to the railway station

will you
see me off
when i go

will you
to the railway station

the road is lonely
dark and long
if i travel alone
i hear no song

will you
see me off
when i go

the railway station
is quite far
quite cold

the luggage
is not much
but too many pieces

collected over the years
as coins turned notes
and helped buy
one by one

go i must
though i don't really want to
leave you
i know you can't come

when will i come back
neither you know
nor i
and whether

but what i really want from you
is the song that we sing
as we go along the road

to the
railway station

gajanthody srinivasa
poetry, prose, more

in a world gone warm 3 (positive)

water pure
as rain
on desert
crops new

krill and fish
food and cheer
as trapped no more
in ice they
to warmer clime
and multiply

no office
no school
no money
no worry
no moaning
no hurry

new order
of life
and true

here today
gone tomorrow
no trail
no travail

mother earth
with rain
and water
ice and snow
to cool and cure

the sun smiles
always the same
in a world gone warm
with people
gone wise

all celebrate
rain, sun, moon
air, water,
the breeze,
after a hard day's work

the genes emerge
quite generous
and restore
life and love

in a world gone warm

gajanthody srinivasa
poetry, prose, more

in a world gone warm 2

warm gales
turn hot
as air goes down
lungs gape
in despair

water hisses
on boil
down throat
from drought

fires rage
timber burns
waste land
parched rivers
burn sand
hell fires
rage home

earth smells
of smoke
putrid pyres
of hunger

no water
to save
lives born
on this planet
gone warm

the moon
smiles down
quite detached
giving up
its role
of romancing
the stoned

gajanthody srinivasa
poetry, prose, more

tea, coffee, soft drinks, snacks

soft drinks

the table mat

gaze undying
breeze unfolding
nipping at the fringe
of the mat
at the corner
of the cup
now slowly going cold

the future
lying at the bottom
of the cup
is washed in the water

as we walk away
our own paths
after each paying
his stroke her own bill
that was brought
so thoughtfully
by the waiter
in separate folders

we look for the same
as the week draws
to a close
in a creepy

no time
or inclination
to think
how attractive
you are
beyond the coffee cup
paid separately

in this creepy

gajanthody srinivasa
poetry, prose, more

leaves 4

have seen
them all
go before me

one by one
they aged
and paled
before they fell
quite daintily

last sigh
on lips
hands by hips
old and pale

they fell
of autumn
in free fall

some fell
quite near
in the shade
of the younger leaves -
but shuddering

some fell far
but fell they did
to rest
to dust

even leaves
have to leave

gajanthody srinivasa
poetry, prose, more

Friday, October 12, 2007

last kiss

the stretcher's down
the body cold
the eyes are closed
hands stiff
is there a moment
for a stolen kiss?
last rites waiting
for dear father
no warm embrace
no smiling eyes
no blessing prayer
no calm advice
my father's gone
met his maker
all alone
i bend down
for the last kiss
both dressed in white
for the fight
before the flames
kiss the man
for the last bath
of light
i bend as
cold skin met
the shivering lips
a dull breeze blew
touched him
one last time
settling the sheets
in restful beauty
on form before
everything else
in a gentle kiss of
goodbye to him

gajanthody srinivasa
poetry, prose, more

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

tomato sauce

blood on the streets
with tomato sauce
pasted all over

oh, what have i done
in my hate divine
writhing bodies
is it the line

what have i done
where will i run
alone i cry
alone i think

the sound echoes
within an empty skull
alone i repent
alone i run

gajanthody srinivasa
poetry, prose, more

Thursday, October 4, 2007

a terrorist's plight

rice for the child
roses for the vase
blades with the coupon
before october seven
a sunday
the vegetable market
for salads
and the library
for returns
and pickups
shots for the boy
as he turns two
soccer practice for the girls
sunday school
charity drive
ten to five
for some rest

a mother's thinklist
of things to do this week

on this land of mine
knives and daggers
blood and pain
cloaked in secrecy
roaming about
father mother
wife son
no one knows
what is done
planned attack
no one knows
death is seen
not felt
bombs all over
and it's all over
no feelings
of what is done

a terrorist's mindlist
of things to undo
this weak

gajanthody srinivasa
poetry, prose, more

an ode to the burnt buds / 31.7.04

eager buds
thirsting for light
saw the flames
leap into sight

crying for help
they tried to run
but fire burst
and burnt like the sun

their cries fell
on deaf ears
their wails failed
to get help

as they were locked into fate
ninety plus buds
on a hot afternoon
in july o'three

at kumbakonam
where the lords come to bless
burnt like timber
charred in their dress

who is to blame?
the teachers? the Staff?
the government? the parties?
who at all?

where is our sense
of national pride?
where is our sense
of national shame?

what have we built?
what are we doing?
why do we do
what we do?

villages without basics
towns without logic
cities in conditions
nothing but tragic

shameless people
swindle the nation

tinker, tailor, soldier, spy
the butcher, the baker,
the candlestick maker
the doctor, the lawyer

the chartered accountant
the banker, the actor
the intelligent looking
software guy

each has his way
of cheating the nation
by showing less
by paying less

or not at all

hoarding for the self
thinking he is shrewd
impeccably street smart
but not country wise

awake! awake!
one and all!
awake to your nation
awake to your plight

every rupee you swindle
every rupee you bleed
every rupee of tax
you grudgingly don’t pay

every rupee of graft
every corrupt practice
inches the nation
and your own children
to a fate so bad

of your own making
your own madness
your own badness
all this sadness

just imagine

you make a bad road
as you did not pay enough tax
or corrupted the contract
or just were lax

just imagine

your child on that road
because the road was bad

just imagine

an emergency
you can’t reach in time

the game is over
before you could be there
someone has left
someone is no more

it could be your father
who held that kite for you
it could be your mother
who did everything for you

it could be your wife
you love more than your life
it could be your son or daughter
whose breath is your life

just imagine

the water
you drink is bad
you get so sick
you get so mad

who is the reason?
the government?
the citizen?

who is the reason
for all this treason?

awake! awake!
before it is too late!
awake one
awake all

let us all indians
realize this now
before it is too late
before it is night

let a new dawn
rise now
let a new light

let us never forget
kumbakonam and july
just to remind you
lest you forget

eager buds
thirsting for light
burnt to their doom
before they could bloom

gajanthody srinivasa
poetry, prose, more


the task
of thinking
what matters
and what does not
is tedious
to say the least
you know what
what matters is thinking
its thinking
that matters

gajanthody srinivasa
poetry, prose, more

in a world gone warm

ice borers
oil seekers
water pirates
crop robbers
all ppl of a new age
of old passions
in a world gone warm
and then hot
with nothing to eat
hardly anything to drink
ppl driving miles to find water
making the world so much warmer
having to drive much more now
who is having the last laugh
it’s the thundering nature
who was plundered naked
dressing herself again

gajanthody srinivasa
poetry, prose, more

fingers doodling in the air

fingers draw doodles
in the air
the wine is out
glasses too
we wait
my friend
for you to come
and chill out
with us
one more time
till you go away
to that city
you will call home
leaving us
in the air

gajanthody srinivasa
poetry, prose, more


trapped in a quadrant
venting my pain
trying to get out
ranting in vain
right, left
witness to
endless vistas
of virtually
you cannot imagine
good bad ugly
nice to see
great to hear
public meetings
and sin
all i do
as a friend
or accomplice
can't buy my way out
no matter what
i change my shape
and weight
but still
can't get out
of this
of a screen

gajanthody srinivasa
poetry, prose, more

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

leaves 3

as they come down
like thoughts
as i
go to sleep
in a gentle breeze
like children
in play
don't know
and where
to stop

gajanthody srinivasa
poetry, prose, more

gandhi : time for his stick

we used his glasses
to read not to see
we used his footwear
to wear out our feet
we used his khadi
to sell in the shops
we used his birthday
for cricket and sleep
we used his face
on all our notes
we used his name
for so many votes
we used his truth
for so many lies
it is time now
we use his stick
to beat ourselves
for all that we missed

gajanthody srinivasa
poetry, prose, more

Monday, October 1, 2007

cheeks go pink

she peeps up
as she comes online
to the world
except me
i try to click
but fail
she ducks
out of sight
i wait
for another day
this is the love
that the flesh and bone
and skin and tone
is now in
as i think
when will i meet
her again
and watch
as the cheeks
go pink
no photo
no video
no words
can capture
that moment
as i see it
before me
the trip
though long
is worth it
to see
her again
as her
cheeks go pink

gajanthody srinivasa
poetry, prose, more

Saturday, September 29, 2007

be generous

be generous
on yourself
no matter what
your teachers say

be generous
in paying yourself
well before you pay
the taxman

you don't ever know
what tomorrow brings
and whether you
see the day

be generous
with love
show it to all
who come your way

you get
you give
you give more
you get more

the rain of love
the pain of evaporation

the sea gets its fill
from rivers of love
only to give more

gajanthody srinivasa
poetry, prose, more

fig leaves

oh what a waste
of all the leaves
just simply lying around

they tremble in the wind
once or twice
before falling to the ground

eve they served or not
i now know not
adam might have known

the figs are still eaten
leaves turn gold and waste
before lying on the ground

just imagine how handy
how eco user friendly
help to all mankind

all the lust
from just a gust
of sprightly naughty wind

gajanthody srinivasa
poetry, prose, more

Friday, September 28, 2007

a coup with the self

writing -

a coup with the self
borderless, it appears
with no hint of survival
beyond tomorrow

so let's celebrate what happens
of your effort
beyond yourself

come join the journey
travel if you will
no reason is required
no destination

blood flows through the veins
to come again
and again
no pause

thoughts come and go
create havoc
when they stay
no peace

so let's celebrate what happens
whether you want it or not
by the way, i dedicate this
to my dad, he'll know, though no more

gajanthody srinivasa
poetry, prose, more